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Students are trained to write in the business world where certain type of citation, choice of tones, and genres of writing are expected. It is expected that each student will produce a ready package of self-selling written document to be used in job searching upon graduating.

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Requesting Information
If you need some information from another company, at the start of a letter you may use sentences like :

.We are writing to enquire about…
We are writing to enquire about the price of the Shining Series Shampoo.

(1) Word fonts in color BLACK is the instruction.
(2) Word fonts in color RED is the sentence patterns.
(3) Word fonts in color GREY is the sample sentences.

Upper Links
The upper side of the website are some useful links:

.Introduction: By clicking this item, you can come back to the indexpage (the current page) of the website with intructions of how to use this website.

.Guest Speech: In this section, you can see some video-taped Guest Speech invited to this course, and as well get some insight from those successful lecturers.

.Business Report: This section demostrates student's performance in this course.
The Business Report is an interview-based assignment. Students are paired up to interview a local firm of their choices. They are requested to present this interview in a business report format to the class. From this section, you may learn how to represent and introduce a company, and also how to prepare a Powerpoint presentation for company introduction.

.Reference: Reference page gives you a long list of website about Business Writing. From these recommended websites, you may learn some more in-depth knowledge about Business Writing.

.Practice: In this section, you can link to a exclusive blog of this course. Log in the blog, then you can practice what you've learn from this course from documents for applying a job, to some real business correspondences.

.NKFUST: With this link, you may access the official website of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology.

.Back to Tim's Website: With this link, you may go back to the frontpage of Tim's Learning Website.

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