What does Writing Mean to Me


 Pita Peng


      Writing is a silent language, but how to have my voice to be heard is a tough task. Before entering this university, I was like a mute who rejected to communicate through words because of a sense of inferiority. Every time when the teacher returned our compositions to us, we would share ours with each other but they used to forget mine.

      At that time, if you asked me what writing means to me, my answer would be a nightmare. Every time when I got an assignment from a writing teacher, I was just like having a terrible nightmare in the following week. It was like a Satan chasing after me and I had to figure out some ideas or do something immediately to prevent a disastrous result. I could not hide myself because I was on the Satan’s list. If I was caught by him, it meant that the deadline expired. I had to turn in my assignment or I got a zero.

      Now, writing has become a part of my life because I found its advantages little by little. Writing is like the microcosm of a novel. I have to spend time thinking about what story I am going to tell. Although I can write down any kind of ideas, I cannot use them at random as playing a jigsaw puzzle. My responsibility is to attract and impress my readers when they are reading my writing. Therefore, I have to push myself to think, think, and think.

      For me, writing is like making a music box. I have to try to draw my audiences’ attention, so I have to revise it with patience again and again to make my work more appealing. After the work is done, it might have a part of sound that is not clear or harsh to the ear. It means that my writing proficiency is not good enough. Maybe a poor organization, some grammar mistakes, or wrong word choices can make my writing get minus. Therefore, I need readers to give me suggestions and experts in the field of writing to help me make progress. 

      Most of the time, writing is like my friend. I think that friends are made to complement each other. He gives me many kinds of skills and I will try my best to write a good composition as a reward to him. My favorite types are explanations and hypothetical narratives. I am not good at stating theories, so that I would like to give examples to enrich my content. Giving examples is a useful way to expand the content and make it more interesting. I can also describe more details by using examples and then the content has become more concrete.

      However, sometimes I loathe writing. If the topic does not interest me, it could be the hardest work to me. One day, the topic “self-introduction” showed up again. I was really bothered by what characteristics I was going to describe. I kept thinking about it. I could not be concentrated when attending classes because I was anxious for creating some new ideas. When riding my scooter, I would see around to find ideas. When meeting my friends, I would ask them to give suggestions to help me. Poor me, I still could not write down any word. Therefore, I decided to take a nap and the problem invaded in my dream. In the dream, my friend and I were discussing the topic while jogging on the playground. The ideas just came out in a flash and I woke up. I started to work on it.

      In my opinion, writing is to make the printed words meaningful. Sometimes, using a word or a sentence can not express how I feel and what I think about completely. To illustrate, when I write on the topic “what does writing mean to me” I can not just write one sentence – “for me, writing is like a challenge.” I have to explain why and make readers understood and convinced.

      Writing is to share my different views about many things. For instance, when writing an essay on “what is happiness” everyone has his or her own definition, and so do I; therefore, I am eager to share my view with everyone. Making people realize that happiness is always around us and that it just needs to be discovered and notices is meaningful to me. 

      Writing has become a part of my life. Even though sometimes I am still like a mute, now I am the one who can draw more of other’s attention after keeping learning and practicing my writing. When I am in low spirits, I will not want to talk. Instead, I will write down my feelings and thoughts to release my emotions. I have found a more effective way to communicate with others. How about you?